Committed to the pursuit of growth

   Commited to the pursuit of growth

Incorporated in 2002, aspect.partners is an independent and internationally acting business accelerator and industry advisory firm that maintains exceptional client focus both during and following a client project, leading to a true advisory relationship for

  • Corporate transformation & corporate development
  • Corporate transactions, structured finance
  • Investment advisory

aspect.partners’ success results from its ability to execute complex transformation and transaction projects that create long-term company value.

   Entrepreneurial. Experienced.

  • 15 years of outstanding customer satisfaction
  • 90+ successful executed projects
    • Investment advisory
    • Transformation and project development
    • Corporate transactions
  • 50%+ cross border transactions
aspect. partners GmbH & Co KG

Drachenfelsstr. 4-7
D-53604 Bad Honnef
(Cologne/Bonn metropolitan area)
Email: info@aspectpartners.eu
Phone aspect: +49 (0)228 9293 9174
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